Rules and Precepts of Saint Anthony – to the Monks of Nacalon

Rules and precepts of P. N. Antony to her sons, monk,
In asking this of him in the monastery Nacalon. In peace. [0423A]

I will say to the canons, or rules, as the Lord speaks through my mouth, those who wish to deliver under this heavy yoke of the monastic state. It is necessary, therefore, that they may hear these precepts, who shall break any of them is worthless to give the name of the kingdom of heaven (Mt 5, 19).

I. First of all, pray without ceasing, and thanks to God for all He has come to you, things happen.

2. When, however, arise in the morning every day, [0424A] of the seek with a sick person who you are, and fast for every day until the ninth hour, with the exception on the sabbath day, and on the day of the Lord ‘s; the advent of the ninth, however, do not you approach any cell of the friars. And when you sit down to eat, pray first, then eat. Pray and read constantly.

3. You should not speak with the young, or a boy, and do not converse with him at all and did not bind him for a monk, nor a son to take, before the [0425A] put on a habit, not to reconcile the devil, the enemy, nor thou liest on the mat, was going the same with a minor thee.

4. Keep even the hour of prayer, and do not pass over any of them, not that the argument for the back.

V. Do not bind the patient to eat, nor withdraw from the food, not to disturb his life was suffering

6. If he come to you after the brother of a man is space of time, be glad about it, thanks be to God, and it will act for you. Secular Meddle not in any way, nor of displaying yourself, as the Pharisee for the display of the one who did all his own.

7. Not to allow you to approach a woman, or permit to enter the home of your anger for walks after her. Or return to visit relatives [0425B] thy flesh, neither your face to see the offer, or you approach them.

8. Do not keep more than you need not lavishes more than you can, but Lay out alms to the sick of the monastery.

9. Pay your prayer at night before you approach the church.

X. Do not eat with some one who will be spent for you.

11. If an offense has been the rise of a young man, who until now have not put on, not to put on him and cast him from the monastery and did not speak with the boy at all, you may not become a stumbling block.

12. If you have forced the need to go to the city, why not go alone.

13. Not been subject to the bars, or society [0425C] and go to a contract with the magnates.

14. Do not linger in the place where the wine exorimitur not eat flesh at all.

15. Do not break the fast of the fourth and the sixth day of the week, except for a grave disease.

16. Do not the whisper in the work of thy hands: neither is there any reproach to any one of the cause.

17. If any one undergone the brother can not live long in the house of his delay.

18. You should not speak in the church and did not reside here in the chambers of the monastery.

19. Entirely or doubt the truth or not of a jury.

20. Do not ask the church to meet [0425D] men. Lay out alms as you can. Do not bury the dead in the church.

21. Do not make dinner, but the approach was called FEAST.

22. Daily instruction, learn from the elders that there was no work going on, without his father of the community.

23. When are you going to draw water, while in the mean time to accomplish a journey, the law as much as you can.

24. If erogaveris alms, do not show it. If you present something in one place, where the alms dealt out, eat and give thanks to God.

25. Grieve for your sin by night and day. Be fast on your cowl, and in your coat at night [0426A] and day. Light your lamp oil of your eyes, the tears. If an act of piety uttered, not to boast about. Do not forsake any one, who seeks Christ. Do not open up the thoughts of all your men, but only to those who are able to save your life.

26. If you go to harvest, defer not to, but quickly return to the monastery.

27. Do not I will clothe with garments, to whom the exalted. Of displaying not the voice of thy precepts, but by prayer. Pray in your house, before you come to the church.

28. Destroy yourself every day.

29. Do not reproach any man of sorrows, and afflictions for the sake of which he suffers.

30. Do not boast, and do not laugh at all. Give [0426B] saw to it that I mourn for your sin, as he mourns the death of someone. Make as much as you are able to thy Father which is in heaven may be glorified.

31. Straighten your son, spare not, for her conviction is demanded from you.

32. Do not eat to satiety, do not sleep, but a little, and in moderation, and the angels shall come to thee.

33. Oh, remember when you pray, and of God, prepare thee garments are to be your wing, and he soars over the sea of ​​fire.

34. Visit the sick and weak, and fill their vessels, or of measuring the water.

35. Do not fight the language. Then it was, thanks to [0426C] you all. And the Lord Jesus Christ brings help to us to work according to his good pleasure: to whom be glory with his Father, and of the Spirit with His holy for ever. Amen.

Those things which follow, are possessed in a copy of another.

36. Will drive mankind yourself in the work of thy hands, and the fear of the Lord shall dwell in thee.

37. If a view of the life of any man, the brother of a sin not unto death, do not despise and be despised, nor condemn him, for you cut into the hand of thine enemies.

38. Take heed to thyself, lest he be seduced by your understanding, be it remembered, thy sins in the past, not to be renewed in thee. [0426D]

39. Love humility, which will protect you from sin. Do not be stubborn to establish thy word, may prevent you evil. Do not think yourself to a wise man, and shalt glory, and you cut the hand of your enemies. Be accustomed to thy tongue to say: Forgive me, and obtain a humility.

40. When you sit in your cell, be diligent in these matters of the three for ever, for sure, on the work of thy hands, out of your meditation on the psalms, and of thy prayer.

41. Meditate within yourself and say this: In any case, it does not I will stay in this world without the presence on this day, and you will not sin to God. [0427A]

42. Do not be a glutton for food, you might not be raised in the former sins.

43. Do not you weary of labor, and the rest will happen to you quickly. As the ruins are the ruins of the city all stink, so the soul of the lazy, who was a monk, will become the home of suffering and stenches.

44. Yourself, Will drive mankind, so that their own community, for ever with tears, that he might, perhaps, have mercy on thee O God, and you put off the old man.

45. Persevere in these things as if to say: that is, in labor, poverty, pilgrimage, afflictions and quietly, and they shall bring unto thee, be humble: humility, however, forgive the sins of all things. Humility, however, is, as a man considers himself a sinner, and that [0427B], commit no good in the sight of God, and cleave to the roof of a quiet and did not think anything of himself, and to establish his word is not pertinacious, that cuts off their lust, and lets it down with his face, ponatque before the eyes of their own lives, and observe himself out of the lie, and does not speak to the words of idle and did not correspond to the upper, and a reproach to bear, sloth, and hatred, have, and continue in labors and sorrows. [0428A]

46. Take care of, then, my brethren, these things, to keep His precepts, lest it be without the fruit of your life. And always be careful to the words one by one, what you are hearing, that thou shouldst say: Forgive me, because he put to flight all the affairs of the humility of the enemy. Do not take anything for yourself, your work.

47. Let thy countenance sad, but the brothers, strangers come to you, then rejoice with them, to live in fear of the Lord you. If the way you have done with the brethren, withdraw from them for a while, that you may be in silence, and so long as you walk by the way, lest thou come to turn to the left and the right, but your psalms, think on this, in your mind and pray to God, with some kind of in the place you go to, nor do perfidenter with its inhabitants.

48. In all things you do, be modest, and [0428B] to those things which they will be exposed to you, Stretch forth thy hand slowly. If, however, you are a young man, do not lay your hands first to the food, nor anything of food into the mouth of force upon the other. And if cubaveris in any place, you do not keep them secret one and the same with the pillows, at the same time something else, and pray much, before he goes to bed. And the Lord Jesus Christ, our help to us, the blind, to work according to his good pleasure. Amen.

The end of the Rule of St. Anthony the Abbot.