So, last night when I was supposed to knock out a second session of writing, I choked and quickly regrouped. I’m pretty certain at this point that writing in the afternoon or evening when I’m tired is simply not going to work. Exit yesterday’s plan, enter today’s.

I adjusted all my alarms (four total) so I could get up at 5AM. After shower and office paperwork, I get a grand total of 1 and 1/2 hours of writing time before I have to “report” for my day job. This morning I knocked out 1079 words in that time allotted.

But, God do I have a splitting headache! And it makes me wonder if it is not psychosomatic – some sort of sympathy headache – since the character I was writing about this morning was also in pain from a car accident. Oh, it could simply be from 1. not getting enough sleep and 2. not having anything to eat or drink.

Whatever it is, I’m still riding high on the good news from last night. Now I have to go “do” my day job for about 20 minutes, then back here to my cot to knock out a scene of edits on SEEKING LIGHT AURORA. I’m almost done with this round, and think I only have one or two more before it’s ready to publish. I think I’m looking at a July 2012 release. I’ll post updates when I’m closer to the edge.

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