Post Graduate Studies

In an attempt to close some of the gaps left after a formal seminary education (and there are several) I have decided to spend some time doing post graduate work at a Christian Institute. This includes both formal and independent research, courses, and mentoring other students. This is a purely volunteer position and does not include any kind of salary, stipends, or honorariums. Coursework does follow a systematic structure. Mentorship is based on a Teaching Assistant format, though does not include lecturing, or lecture preparation (since traditional teaching is not the main thrust of my ministry).

Projects, research, and assignments associated with this post graduate work will be mirrored on this website under the Unschooled Master of Theology program assignments and projects (courses are incorporated into the uThM requirements).

My post graduate work at the Institute will be concluded once all coursework requirements have been met. Estimated date of completion: 2 years.

Post-Graduate Curriculum Requirements


  • Biblical Courses on each Book of the Bible
  • Topical Study Courses on various Subjects
  • Several Guided Research Projects
  • Mentorship Duties as Assigned by Institute Staff