The Sacred Series (A Heptalogy)

Men from all over have been drawn together, moved by some unforeseen, supernatural force – all of them called to pray. It is the beginning of the final battle, the start of the greatest revival known to man. Yet, nothing could prepare them for the sacrifices they must make. The fate of the world hangs in the balance as a cosmic battle ensues, but one certainty remains: sacred is the circle when they come together to pray.

This is a planned seven part series, or a heptalogy, following the epic battle between the forces of darkness and the powers of good, the fight for the fate of the multitude and the unfolding of the destiny of the called. This is not your typical feel good bible story, and there’s something more sinister under the brittle surface than just good vs. evil on planet earth. You’ll probably want to fasten your seat-belt. You can’t even imagine what’s coming….when the end comes for you.