The Meadow Series (A Paranormal Thriller)

Dawn McKensie just wanted a new life with the man of her dreams. She moved to a new town, made new friends, and everything was picture perfect. But one day, after stumbling into a small meadow alongside the Skagitt River, everything for Dawn changed. That’s when the ones watching her began to appear. That’s when they started to call out to her and try to warn her and tell her to………RUN!

The Meadow Series is a paranormal odyssey of fright and suspense, as one young woman tries to save herself and the lives of those she loves from an unspeakable evil that has reached out to her from beyond the grave. She must fight and struggle to prevail, even when survival doesn’t seem like much of a victory.

This is currently planned to be a two part series, with In the Meadow and, its sequel. There is a possibility for more, depending on where the story chooses to go. The first installment is now available at Amazon Kindle!