We’ve all had romances in our lives that have either been star crossed or in some savage way unrequited. I’ve actually had more than a few. I can think back, especially in my childhood, to several young things that somehow with magical elixirs captured the devotion of my soul, or at least the lust of my flesh. Candy, comes to mind. I know, strange name for sure. But, she was an older woman to my young 12 and for the briefest of summers I spent infatuated with that beauty. Of course, love has a way of dissipating as youth churns ahead. There was also Melissa, my first and true love. A young goddess that destroyed my life and heart forever. Then there was Ruth, and also Joanna.

But, none of them were quite like Lavinna. She was an intoxicatingly strange brew, a mixture of demon and nymph. She stirred a craving deep within me, to want to hold her, to possess her completely.

Unlike the others that quickly faded into my rearview, Lavinna had a bizarre knack of hanging on through the entire duration of my childhood and even into the mayhem of adulthood. So close we came so many times, and yet, never once were we together. Never once in all these years.

This post is about a love that seems to have kind of in some strange way soured over the course of a lifetime. It started out as a kind of innocence like driven white snow and slowly, through the many impurities of the years, changed under its own weight and longing and instability. In the end it became like a supernova and collapsed in on itself, destroying any chance that it’s two orbiting moons would ever meet face to face, in the same space, in the same time, under the same sky.

All that’s left now is the memories I’ve manufactured in my head. Memories of a life that could have been, a romance that never will be. Because that life, that possibility is gone (or maybe never existed to begin with). Burned up in the wake of the fire that ignited two souls that will forever have unfinished business in this world and maybe in the next.

And in just fashion as I do for all my work on my Unschooled Master of Theology Program, let’s discuss what it means to love and lose by sheer immobility. Not betrayal or incompatibility. But simply because there was never quite the opportunity to see where it all might go.

So let’s talk about it…

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While minding my own business this morning I saw an email alert show up in my inbox about Dave Ramsey. Now, I know about Dave and his show. I can’t say I’ve read any of his books or watched any of his videos. I’ve certainly not sent him any money in the past (that would be as futile as buying a lottery ticket in my book), but the fact that he popped up caught my eye.

To be honest, I thought the report would say that he died from COVID. But, that was not the case. Actually, the alert was about a comment he made on his show. He basically stated that it was not “unchristian” for a Christian landlord to raise the rent on their tenant even if it meant the tenant would be displaced from the property.


I had to think about it for a moment, but I knew almost immediately that I wanted to write a post about his comment and explore the subject a little bit more. For one reason, I had the opportunity in the past (and still do really) to become a landlord and I chose not to And, second, I’ve struggled with business in the past because I’m a Christian. I’ve also struggled with other businesses that market their products or services to the Christian community yet either are not Christians themselves (though they play themselves off as being so) or claim to be Christian yet ethically they are no different than any other secular business out there.

So, let’s dig in and discuss the ethics of real estate and more specifically being both a landlord and a Christian (since there really is no such thing as a “Christian Landlord”).

As usual, you can check out all of my research and my assignments for my Unschooled Master of Theology Program by clicking on the link provided.

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It has been a while now since I’ve found a movie that was decent enough to watch let alone review on this site. I don’t know what it is with hollyweird these days. They just seem to have no ability to produce quality movies anymore.

But, this was one that I actually was able to watch without their insane ideology being shoved down my throat or their terrible politics being jammed front and center in the story line. So, it was a pleasant surprise. I guess they decided to dial all that back after the last Ghostbuster movie flopped.

Remember, you can view all my reviews at my website as well as all my coursework for my Unschooled Master of Theology Program.

On to the review…

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This morning I found myself at the front entrance of my office building, watching a cat sitting on the other side of the glass. He was a perplexing fellow, quite clean and with plenty of fat on his ribs. I don’t think he was a stray. Yet, he seemed so intent to stare through the glass at me, moving about slightly, as if he were anxious to be “let in.”

After a few minutes of watching him I left the lobby and headed back toward my office, a full day of work ahead of me (not that there is much work to be done mind you). Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder after this cat’s life. Was he just loitering, soon to dispatch himself back to his own home somewhere in the neighborhood where he will eat his fill of some canned food delicacy, curl up by a warm fire, and fall fast asleep? Was he dumped at our doorstep because his abandoning owners could no longer provide for him, given the state of social and economic decay?

In relation to mine, was this cat’s life better or worse on the grand scale? Has his life (like my own) been preordained? Was he created for a specific purpose? How could I possibly know this was true of me?

By the time I got back to my office and closed and locked myself away from the world, sat down at my desk, I was thinking about Ephesians 2:10 and what it truly means to have no free will at all.

Is that what this passage even means?

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Continuing on in the exploration of my novels I wanted in this episode to talk about my book Our Daughter which is the first book in the Witch Gnostic Heresy series.

This story begins with the tragic turn of events for a young woman, events that drastically change the course of her life. It is a trilogy in which I hope to explore pain and the loss of loved ones, secret betrayal and the feeling of utter hopelessness in a fallen and grotesque world.

The main character, Katie, sparked an interest for me in gnosticism and witchcraft, not that I condone the practice of either, but I am an explorer of knowledge if nothing else and too often question things (especially the status quo). My questions sometime get me into trouble with the orthodox of the faith.

So, let’s just jump in and find out everything there is not know (without spoilers) of this strange story of witches and something like ghosts, and things even less like angels and the beginning of what I hope will eventually become a great and suspenseful story….

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In this episode I wanted to talk about the question that is often hotly debated online and in educational circles: should a student consider getting their degree from a non-accredited seminary?

In answering this question, I want to focus on several non-accredited seminaries I considered when exploring my options for both my Master’s and my doctorate programs. These would be CES, MIUD, SBTS, and I’m also going to throw in Liberty University as a comparison, even though it is regionally accredited.

Of course, as is always the case, the choice you ultimately make on what seminary you go to (if any at all) will be based on several different variables that are often highly subjective. You may even be part of a denomination that requires degrees from only specific institutions making your options narrowed or non-existent to begin with.

But, in the current educational climate we find ourselves today, I want to take the time to explore some of the options that are out there, why you may or may not choose them, or when it would be a better decision to go a different route altogether.

So, let’s dive in and decide which seminary might be the right choice for you….

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In this post I want to discuss my current vocational testing at the Eden Property, and provide a summary of what I was able to accomplish this last summer, what failures I suffered, and how I am planning to reorganize and try again.

I’ve read that monasticism in general and especially eremitic monasticism is really an arduous journey of successive failures with only brief punctuations of progress and success spread out along the way. I have to say, it really often does feel this way.

But, let’s jump in and work through these issues, and see where I came out after another season at Eden….

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Lately I’ve been considering the future of the Eden Property and I’ve come to the conclusion that really what I’m striving for is developing a hermitage where I can work out my vocation as a solitary hermit, who lives under private vows (maybe even unprofessed or instinctive), not necessarily attached or affiliated with any order or denomination, but one who is submitted only to God’s call in prayer and solitude and meditation and living closely with nature and in the exercise of sanctification in anticipation of being revealed as a son of God.

It would be a place where I could do my studies for my Unschooled Master of Theology program, where I could live simply and purposefully and minimalistically and finish out my days in ecstasy and, be it his will, in good standing before my King.

Tonight when I got home I sketched out what I’m looking for in a hermitage. Let me show you the sketch and provide a little commentary on what I’m looking at….

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In this post I want to talk about an exciting new chapter in my life, in what I think I’m being called to do as a ministry now that I’ve finished my schooling.

Since I started volunteering and completing post-graduate courses at a Christian Institute, and because of their ministry focused curriculum, I’ve been increasingly feeling as if my calling and election may be as an Independent Researcher.

So, let’s jump in and see why I feel moved in this direction, how I might be perfectly made for it, and if Independent Research could actually even be a ministry within and for the church in the first place….

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Recently I discovered a new tv series (well, not new it’s starting its 3rd season next year) called Evil and stars Katja Herbers (remember her in The Americans?) and Mike Colter (who was Luke Cage). It is about a team of assembled to investigate paranormal happenings by the Catholic Church.

Needless to say, it is a perfect fit for my own independent research. So, let’s jump in and find out if this show lives up to its name.

Remember, you can view all my reviews at my website as well as all my coursework for my Unschooled Master of Theology Program.

On to the review…

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Awhile back I started a podcast or revamped my old fiction podcast with the intention of using it as a marketing project for my books and also as a platform to promote my future research results.

But, as I come to the end of the 10th episode, and having finished 20 more episode scripts and was sitting down today to start recording the 11th episode, I had to be completely honest with myself.

I really hate podcasting.

So, let’s dig in and find out why I’m deciding not to produce any more podcast episodes in the future…

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This week I finished a show from the mid 90’s (back when tv was actually good). It’s called Party of Five (the original not the waste of money and air time that was the new remake – thankfully that’s already been canceled).

I’ve actually been wanting to watch this for awhile now, but could not really get invested until a few weeks ago when I finished Superstore and was craving something I could just jump into. This show did the trick, though it was certainly anything but perfect.

I usually binge watch tv shows in between my research time as I work through my Unschooled Master of Theology Program. This one was a perfect fit with plenty of episodes to keep me sated while I did reading and took courses.

So, let’s get into it and discuss all things Party of Five related…

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