November 30, 2013

Movie Review: Captain Phillips

Now that was a good movie! It is rare these days to find a movie that is actually entertaining enough to hold my attention throughout the whole thing. Well, this one does it. Right up till the credits roll. Say what you will about Tom Hanks, he does a splendid job in this movie, painting a captivating picture of what it must be like to live though such a horrendous experience. Of course, the movie ran quicker than the actual events. For one, the pirate captain was held for 12 hours by the crew on the Alabama before being turned over.

Piracy doesn’t usually end this way. The hostages are often killed and thrown over and then the pirates are all killed by authorities. At least in this situation, the captain was spared. Ironic that after coming back to civilization, his crew then goes off the rails and tries to sue him. 😉 What’s that all about? Still made for a good movie, though.

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