I remember this feeling from before, when I was finishing up the editing on Seeking Light Aurora. I put aside everything else I was working on for two solid days and did nothing but listen/read the manuscript, pouring over each scene again and again, until it read perfectly. Well, perfectly enough.

There’s such a rewarding sense of accomplishment when you near the end of a project that perhaps has spanned years in the making. Daily, persistent effort, finally culminating in the form of a book – a story. Maybe it’s not good. Maybe it’s the next bestseller. Who knows. But at least you know you did it. You followed through and made it to the end.

It’s the same with my personal life. Right now I feel like a parent, raising two year olds that simply never seem to grow up. I know their personal brand of crazy. I can predict their choices, their behaviors like I’m some sort of swami. But, I sometimes find myself boiling over, despite the warning signs. But, just like my writing, I have to push through, press on. Realize it’s a battle of wills. It’s nothing personal. At least, it doesn’t have to be for me. I choose how I feel, and how I respond.

Crazy is crazy. There’s no arguing with that. But, it doesn’t mean I need to jump on the train, too. Better to head back to the office and write some more.

(I wrote 1235 and edited 3718 words today)

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