It never seems to fail, after a short stint of writing (about a month maybe less) I tend to burn out and just don’t want to do anything at all. This can sometimes only be a day or two, or it can stretch out for months at a time (what happened last time) and then I pile on because I know I should be writing if I want any chance of this writing thing to actually work out.

But, today was business as usual. I can’t really account for the day, what I did, or what I might have accomplished. Simply put, because I didn’t really accomplish anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I have no clients scheduled tomorrow for my day job, so it’s a free day. I have no excuse.

(I wrote 503 and edited 2137 words “at some point”)

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  1. Don’t feel down! I use blogging as a way for me to vent my feelings – it works most of the time. Writing is like free therapy. The blogging community is right here for you! 🙂

    Take care,


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