“How long have you been here?”
“Thirteen years?” Terrance said, glancing over at her.
“Wow,” Karii said. “That’s a while. You must really like it. This place is better than traveling the world?”
He looked confused.
“The waitress – Peg – said you were some sort of world traveling chef,” Karii said.
“In another life, maybe.” Terrance smiled, looked down. “I just like to cook is all. Wherever I am that’s what I end up doing.”
Karii grinned at him, then nodded toward the headstones.
“Did you know any of them?”
“The people here?” Terrance pointed toward the other side of the cemetery. “One of them. Over there in the back. Marcus. He was an old man when I got here, though.”
“That’s it?”
“Just Marcus,” Terrance said, nodding. “So, are you hungry?”
“Me?” Karii shrugged. “Sure I am.”
“I think it’s about five by now. Come on -” He pushed off from the rail, turned and started toward the diner.
Karii followed him.
“You can keep me company while I cook,” Terrance said, glancing back over his shoulder at her. “Usually I’m alone in the morning and have no one to talk to. I like to talk when I cook.”
“Sounds like fun,” Karii said. “What’s for breakfast?”
“I don’t know.” He glanced up as he walked, looking at the lights. “I guess it all depends on what you’re in the mood for. Oh, and what we have on hand. It’s kind of slim pickings around here.”
“It all sounds find to me,” Karii said, “I could eat anything. I’m starving.”
Terrance just looked over at her and smiled.

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