I’ve never really been a big Star Wars fan. I guess I was born a little too late, or it just wasn’t a big deal for me growing up. I actually wasn’t all that into Science Fiction, for that matter, so I suppose that could explain my lack of interest.

Nonetheless, I did watch the first three growing up, and thought it interesting that there are now three prequels. I guess there’s supposed to be a seventh and possibly more before the series is done. Who knows. But, I’ve got all six now, and I decided to see what all the fuss was about. So, I’m staring a Star Wars marathon tonight, beginning with Star Wars 1: Phantom Menace.

I’ll say, first off, I think this was a pretty good movie. I don’t care for the actor who plays Obi One (?). I did like the fight scene, though, toward the end, between the Sith apprentice and Obi and his teacher. Nice double bladed sword evil Jedi.

The special effects are, of course, incredible. The race to free Anikan (?) was pretty neat, especially since I’ve seen the last (first) three movies and know many of the alien creatures. I also really think the queen is easy on the eyes, even with her ridiculous getup. Until Part 2.

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