All I can say is it held my attention and wasn’t too terribly written. Other than that, what was the point? It does not contribute at all to the Twilight story. She would have been better served to spend her time writing a fifth book to continue the series, rather than focus on a minor character like this one. I think all it does is leave more questions unanswered and confuses the situation even more.

There is also the strange issue of the awful similarity between Twilight and Amanda Hocking’s My Blood Approves Series. Once I finish all of her books, I will be addressing a post directly to this, comparing the stories and determine who stole what from who. I can understand why Amanda wouldn’t care if Stephenie stole the idea, given that Amanda is now set for life with her new seven figure book deal. She’ll never have to write another word again, just on what she made from her Amazon sales. But, Stephenie should be up in arms if Hocking stole the idea from her. The sudden appearance of the novella in MBA series makes it even more sensational.

As far as this little book (I would actually call it a short story more than a novella), it really is a waste of time. It’s mildly interesting but that’s about all I can say about it. Maybe I’m just done with the whole vampire scene.

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