December 2, 2013

TV Show Review: The Mentalist

I’ve watched this show from the very beginning, and, although not quite good enough to constitute getting the series for reruns, it’s good enough for me to tune in every week to see what happens next.

The last few episodes have prompted this review, as things have changed a great deal for Patrick and his band of CBI’s. Apparently, Red John has been found and killed, of course by our lead’s bare hands. It was the Sheriff after all, but I found it a little anti-climactic.

The last episode, we find Jane on a beach in Mexico with a quick offer from the FBI to come back and work for them in exchange for all his “murder charges” being dropped (a little unrealistic if you ask me). He gets back, finds he was duped by the agent and now has an even worse deal. But, hey, the team’s almost all back. Kimble is an FBI agent, Lisbon is back from writing parking tickets – all we need now is Rigsby and Grace to stop screwing around with security business and get on board, then we’ll have the whole crew in toe.

It’s a good show, but I have to admit, I’m quite surprised it’s made it this long without being cancelled. But, hey, I’m still watching.

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