December 24, 2013

TV Show Review: Torchwood

So, in my desperation to find something, anything, that will sate my Fringe addition, an online reviewer stated that, “If I liked Fringe, I’ll love….Torchwood.” Needless to say, I got episode 1 and took it for a spin.

OMG. There should be a law against putting crap like this on the air.

Apparently they do things a little differently on the BBC, though, I really liked the British show Hit & Miss. What’s the deal? Why make a crappy tv show? It’s not like it’s just the content or subject matter I have a problem with. I mean, there are tv shows that are well made, I’m just not interested in then. Lost Girl is the perfect example. Well made. Good quality cast. Just bored to tears when I try and watch it.

Torchwood. I think I shut it off within two minutes of the first scene, for fear I might be driven mad, running into the kitchen and stab my eyes out with the closest ice pick! The camera work alone made me want to slit my wrists!

At least I found three tie-in novels for Fringe. It’s better than nothing, and anything is better than this.

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