I’m so excited, I can’t hardly stand it! The second half of The Walking Dead Season 4 will be returning tomorrow night, with what seems to be just about every other show on the docket. Even my mother is complaining that there is nothing on!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens with, most importantly, Carl. I am also curious to find out if the Judith made it (if so, I’d imagine she is with the other kids). I’m assuming Carol has to pop up somewhere now, probably to fly out of the woodwork to rescue someone at some point. I was sad to see Hershel take a sword in the neck, but I’m SO glad the Governor is finally dead. I wanted him gone, but not as bad as I wanted Andrea gone in Season 3. That took forever!

Fingers crossed that the second half of season 4 will be no holds barred, blood, guts, lots of zombies, running around for your life – you know, what zombie shows are supposed to be like.


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