I had high hopes for this book and was actually pretty anxious to get started on it. Unfortunately, it fell flat after the first few chapters. Instead of providing some original ideas for making money, it knee-jerked to the old hats: investing, real estate, tax lien notes, etc. It seemed as if most of the book was about real estate and how the author made a fortune and how easy it was for him to find great tenants and to turn a no-money-down property into a pot of gold. Maybe it worked for him, and maybe it works for others, too. I know every landlord I’ve ever spoken to has always been singing the same tune. The tenants are horrible people, never pay their rent, tear the place up, and can’t be evicted. No thanks.

The last two chapters of the book are useless, unless it’s the first financial book you’ve ever read before and you need a crash course in managing your money and your time. I would recommend just passing right on by this one. Not worth your time (unless you want to venture into real estate investing) and was a waste of mine.

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