Another good day at work. Hit all my goals by 4pm and that was with quite a bit of time during the day spent on other things (like looking for a decent CRM for my day job – GRRR). I have targeted now to release a new book every quarter, or four new titles each year. I think this is a pretty comfortable workload. If I were able to work without distraction (no day job), I could certainly double that without much trouble. But, until that time, four will have to do.

I’m currently working on the last Act of OUR DAUGHTER, roughing in the plot points for each scene. I have to say, I really enjoy using Scrivener. Yes, it is the Windows version, so I’m missing a few features that I’d really like to have (such as Custom Meta-Data), but so far there is nothing that presents as a deal breaker. It’s certainly better than using just plain old Open Office. It’s already made it easier for me to tie up loose ends on the fly, while I’m working.

See you tomorrow!

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