August 27, 2014

TV Show Review: Supernatural

There are few shows on tv that I think are worth watching, yet not quite good enough to save. Supernatural is one of those few.

Yeah, it’s good and entertaining and all. It does, for the most part, keep my interest. But, in no way or capacity, do I see myself watching reruns of the show after I’ve seen it for the first time through. They do a good job of switching things up and keeping most stories believable (sort of), but it’s just no Walking Dead or The 100 (that show I can watch again and again).

But, it does have its strong points, nonetheless. Dean and Sam make a great team. Not only that, it’s starting its seventh season, which means there are many shows to catch up on. I like that. I hate getting to the end of a series and realize I have to wait a whole week for a new episode, and sometimes a whole year between seasons! What?

All in all, Supernatural is a good filler show when there is nothing else on, which seems to be most of the time these days.

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