There’s really nothing quite like being in a writer’s groove. Sadly, they don’t happen all too often, and when they do, the satisfaction from them are all too fleeting. There’s always tomorrow to screw it up, right? Always another day to break the streak.

Today I managed to knock out my target by 3pm. Another slow day at work. Had some family come in want services for free. Also had a homeless guy come in off the street who apparently knows my mother from somewhere. I did manager to get rid of him, but it was only by sheer luck and chance that I did.

My day job is another thing I’m “in the groove” with at the moment. It’s that feeling you get when the stars align and your planet is in the whatchamacallit. Everything is working smooth and you’re making money, and there are few hassles to deal with. I think the official term for this feeling is the Calm Before the Storm.

Go figure.

At least I hit my writing target today. Everything else is just window dressing.

(3112 Words Edited for In the Meadow and 1113 Words Written for Our Daughter)

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