I’m really enjoying the process of what I call Clearing the Book. I’m working on In the Meadow, the last (or second to last) pass before I release it on Amazon Kindle. It’s pretty amazing to witness, as I give each scene a regular read through, then do many multiple text to speech read throughs, changing, tweaking, rearranging words, paragraphs, punctuation. This continues until it is perfect to both my eyes and ears. Once I can listen/read through without wanting/needing to change anything, then I move on to the next one. It so much different than the actual writing process. It’s sometimes like magic, starting out with the scene where it is at, and within an a few minutes to sometimes an hour or more, turning it into an actual (what I think anyway) readable book. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

(I wrote 1130 and edited 3272 words today)

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