I’ll be glad when my mini vacations are over with. I only have two more payments (or less) left to pay off my mortgage. Probably 6-10 more trips over to the house before it is finished and ready for my parents to move in.

I can’t wait.

Even though I’m not actually moving over right away, it will be really nice to be here at my day job – alone. Not to mention, it will be really great when the second property is paid off, when the shop is paid for (and built), and I can then put the business up for sale. That will be the exciting time in my life, waiting for that one person who has the cash we need to get out from under the family business and free me from this location.

Granted, the longer I stay here, the more money I’ll be able to save. The more money I have in the bank when I move, the less stressed I’ll be when I’m trying to find a job.

Currently, my hope is I’ll be able to make enough money house-sitting that I’ll never have to get an actual job. But, then again, if the right one comes up, who knows.

There is, also, book sales to consider. If I can get my annual expenses made in one year for the first two or three years, then I might just consider writing full-time.

Maybe a little traveling. A lot of research, reading, exploring. Lots of time on the water. At my new location (once I move), I’ll even have a pontoon boat that I can go out and camp on the river whenever I want, for however long I want. Have my kayak right there with me. Cell phone service. Charged up deep cycle batteries will last 3-5 days using my laptop for 15+ hours a day. I can check out library books to cut down on my laptop use (just writing, watching tv, etc).

Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

(I wrote 1102 and edited 3333 words today)

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