AMC is one of those networks that has an ever growing stable of unbelievably good shows that really stick with you, even when the show ends. One of their horses, HELL ON WHEELS, is just such a show, and I find myself a little saddened with its ending.

I started watching after my uncle mentioned how good it was one day. Before that, I had been oblivious to it. It’s amazing how so many good shows just linger in obscurity until word of mouth leads you like a horse to a water.

I remember when I first sat down and watched HELL ON WHEELS, Episode 1.

I was enthralled.
It’s grit.
It’s harshness and brutality.

I was instantly drawn to the story of this anti-hero, Cullen Bohannon, the kind of hero that works both in his time and in ours.

I followed along as he struggled with his own frailties, searched for his wife and child, stood by as he watched friend after friend fall by the way-side, all in the name of Manifest Destiny, all for the sake of laying down a railroad, for good or ill.

Cullen Bohannon was a man who touched everyone who gave time to watch the show, leaving us hurting and wanting more with every heartbreak he endured.

This is the kind of characters I always hope to capture in my own stories, when I discover someone in my imagination, living out there, someone who is faced against the world, against all odds.

It’s those kind of stories – those kind of characters – that always leave you so elated, so captivated – wanting more and more.

We will all miss Cullen Bohannon and the rest of the cast of characters on HELL ON WHEELS. It was a tremendous story told in such a way – it will always have a place in our hearts.

Until you find another TV Show as good as this one, check out my newest book, ESCAPING LIGHT AURORA. It, too, has a cast of characters that will leave you wanting for more.

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Bohannon setting Sail for China!

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