December 18, 2017

Escaping Light Aurora

Welcome back to life under the lights of the Aurora, where our rag-tag group has settled into their new home, Karii has made peace with her past from book 1, and Scott’s family is now alive and well. But, a fundamental shift begins, and our motley band is no longer safe. Will they find a way out alive? What would you do if everything you’ve come to depend on begins to suddenly change?

Join Isaac in the second installment of the twisted, other-worldly supernatural suspense thriller, and find out if those living in this foreign world have what it takes to survive Escaping Light Aurora.

$3.99 Only $2.99


Settling in. Familiarity. It can be deadly.

But, for our group of shipwrecked travelers, it is the only option they have. Scott has set up a makeshift lab in the shop area, where he and his family now call home. The darkness seems to bleed into everything, and so does the blue-green hue that dances in the sky overhead.

There is an endless re-supply of food, with Karii recycling every few months and returning with a full load of food. Lupe recycled, too, due to his stab wound. But, what’s next for our group? Will this make-shift paradise last?

“…a noise behind him sent Terrance out of his seat. He spun on his heels, looking around frantically for whatever it was that had made that god-awful sound. The screeching continued for a few seconds, then changed to a popping and crackling sound, then changed again to a faint hiss. Terrance could see the radio on the shelf above the utility sink had somehow come to life, the dial lit up bright, the red needle moving back and forth, inching across the entire band. He stepped closer, watching as the knob turned on its own. As far as he could remember, that radio had never been used before. Not even Scott had commandeered it yet for one of his experiments. But, here it was, blaring static and on autopilot.…” Quote from Escaping Light Aurora


Just when they expect Lupe to return, other visitors arrive and Lupe is mysteriously delayed. But, the new arrivals bring with them news from home and a mysterious bit of information that send Scott and the others to organize a search up the highway.

They find what they’re looking for, but also happen to find themselves exposed to the new dangers all around them. And, now even more trouble waits for them on the horizon.

The question remains. Will Scott and the others figure out where they are and, more importantly, how to get out of there alive? Will they finally make it home? Will there be a home to return to?


Up is down. Right is left. Forward is back. Convince yourself staying put is the only safe way to stay alive, and you might just end up dying. But, then again, taking action just might be riskier than staying put.

Things are really starting to change for our group under the Aurora. Along with the new arrivals, they also find themselves confronted with new physical laws that are threatening their very existence. And, now one of them is missing, and Scott has to organize a search party to find the young boy who disappeared.

It’s becoming pretty obvious they cannot stay at the diner any longer. But, where are they going to go? And, what happened to Derrick? Why is he acting so strange now? Does it have anything to do with what’s happening around them?

Will they be able to hatch a plan before it’s too late?

“…Randy hit the sidewalk at a dead run, tearing around the corner of the building as he headed up the gravel driveway toward the shop. He and his brother and sister and parents had been living up there in the loft for the last eight months of their lives, since they had arrived under the glimmering lights of the aurora. But, he wasn’t paying much attention to the shiny greens and yellows overhead now. Not this time. He was just too excited. Finally….It was actually happening. Well…. Maybe it was happening. There was no way to be a hundred percent sure. No one really knew what it meant after so long, or who would actually be coming down the side of the mountain. They were all pretty sure someone was coming, though.…” Quoted from Escaping Light Aurora


“Wow. One of the best books I ever read. 6 stars. I wait for book 2.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

“Loved it all the way to the end.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

$3.99 Only $2.99


Looking for more from one of the great supernatural suspense stories of all time? Were you sad to leave our group under the lights of the Aurora back in book one? Well, fear not. There is good news.

The story continues….

Discover in Escaping Light Aurora, the second installment in the supernatural suspense trilogy, the Aurora Series, by Isaac Hunter, the breathtaking and mysterious nature that is life under the blue-green lights. Come to grips with the reality that our group’s ability to survive in relative safety is now shifting, and come along with them as they try desperately to untangle themselves from the world around them. Explore the cold and devastating truth that where they are might not be any safer than where they’re going. Buckle up. No matter what happens, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Like his other books, Ashen Monk Mountain and Our Daughter, Isaac again delivers on the promise of weaving together a heart-racing, white knuckle adventure, full of mystery and suspense, while creating a bizarre and foreign world that could be just as deadly as our own.

You’ll never want the story to end.

So, join Isaac on another of his grand adventures into a dark and ominous world, where the laws of physics are turned on their head, and no matter what step you take, it could be your last.

For all you fans of Supernatural Suspense – Escaping Light Aurora will surely not disappoint!

Click the “Available on Amazon” button and buy or, if you haven’t read Seeking Light Aurora yet, download Book 1 as a free supernatural suspense kindle book by signing up for Isaac Hunter’s VIP Members Club, and start your very own adventure with The Aurora Series today!

Just be forewarned. Reading this book means you’ll NEVER see the world the same again.

$3.99 Only $2.99

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