December 19, 2017

Embracing Light Aurora

Things have only gotten stranger for our shipwrecked group living under the aurora. Jumping from the pan into the fire, Scott and the others successfully find themselves held captive by a clandestine military group in the middle of nowhere, and must clamber to stay alive. Will they uncover their new captor’s sinister plans? And, what is Derrick’s connection to the other side?

Join Isaac in the final installment of this twisted, other-worldly supernatural suspense thriller, and find out if our group can now survive the world they’ve longed to return to without Embracing Light Aurora.

$3.99 Only $2.99


Unsettled. Unfamiliar. Trapped. Doomed.

These poor people have been through hell and back, only to now be taken captive by an unknown military force – bound, gagged, interrogated, held against their will.

Just as they manage to escape their captivity within that strange and foreign and deadly world, Scott and his family and the others must now try to piece together who these people are, how they are involved with what they call the “deployments,” and how they can escape their captivity and get back to the real world.

No longer imprisoned under the blue green lights of the Aurora, our crew must now make do with their new found freedom, however fleeting it might be. Will they discover the true secrets hidden underground in the Alaskan wilderness? How will the Commander respond when they push too far?

“…They first separated them – the women and the children were lined up with three soldiers guarding, while the others worked methodically on the men. First, Thomas. Then Terrance. Lupe. Alex. His father. Each one having their hands cinched behind their backs with plastic zip cords and a burlap bag placed over their heads…” Quote from Embracing Light Aurora


No one is really ready to accept the Derrick standing before them. Neither would you. One minute he was such a sweet and innocent little boy, a little slow mentally, awkward, sure. But now there’s just something down right strange about it. About him.

Touching the light in the last book, disappearing into thin air, only to reappear again. This little boy did not come back the same little boy that left. After settling into their new surroundings, Scott is becoming all too convinced of this.

But, what exactly does it all mean? What actually happened to Derrick when he vanished and then reappeared? What is he up to now, and how can he possibly know what he seems to know?

Will they uncover the secrets that are inexplicably tied to the boy’s transformation? What will it mean for the group? Who should they really fear?


Commander Andrist knows full well what they are up against. This new development makes no difference. He has a deadline he must keep and he has to show progress and deliver what they want.

But now the discovery of these people, and their wild stories about being sucked into another world. It’s just too impossible to believe.

Or is it?

It doesn’t really matter. Results are the only thing he can count on. And, if these people get in his way, then he will just have to take care of them once and for all.

It’s becoming pretty obvious they are not really who they say they are, anyway. He just can’t put his finger on what exactly, but he knows they are up to something. Will he pinpoint the threat they pose to his operation? Will they undermine his ultimate success?

“…He stayed at a distance for a minute or two, observing the kid first before interacting with him. It dawned on him that he hadn’t spoken to Derrick since they’d left the pocket universe, and he remembered how disappointed the kid had seemed after they had crossed back over. Now he was here…..examining things…It was the only way to describe what the kid was doing, even though he seemed to purposefully do it so as not to let on that he was actually critically taking count of his surroundings. He wasn’t gathered together like Scott’s boys, huddled in fear, traumatized by what had happened to them. He wasn’t gaggled together with the grown men, talking about what they should do next. Here was an adolescent boy working a room like some kind of professional operator. Had the effects from the other side stuck with him?…” Quoted from Embracing Light Aurora


“Wow. One of the best books I ever read. 6 stars. I wait for book 2.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

“Loved it all the way to the end.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

$3.99 Only $2.99


Looking for more from one of the great supernatural suspense trilogies of all time? Were you sad to leave our group out in the cold at the end of book two? Well, fear not. There is good news.

The story continues….

Discover in Embracing Light Aurora, the final installment in the supernatural suspense trilogy, the Aurora Series, by Isaac Hunter, the breathtaking and mysterious nature that is life under the blue-green lights, and what it’s like after escaping it. Come to grips with the reality that our group is now in more terrifying trouble than they were on the other side, where now they stand face to face with captors hell bent on bringing about their horrific aims – at any expense. Explore the devastating truth that they are simply collateral damage at best. Buckle up. No matter what happens, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Like his other books, Ashen Monk Mountain and Our Daughter, Isaac again delivers on the promise of weaving together a heart-racing, white knuckle adventure, full of mystery and suspense, while creating a bizarre and foreign world that could be just as deadly as our own.

You’ll never want the story to end.

So, join Isaac on another of his grand adventures into a dark and ominous world, where the laws of physics are turned on their head, and no matter what step you take, it could be your last.

For all you fans of Supernatural Suspense – Embracing Light Aurora will surely not disappoint!

Click the “Available on Amazon” button and buy or, if you haven’t read Seeking Light Aurora yet, download Book 1 as a free supernatural suspense kindle book by signing up for Isaac Hunter’s VIP Members Club, and start your very own adventure with The Aurora Series today!

Just be forewarned. Reading this book means you’ll NEVER see the world the same again.

$3.99 Only $2.99

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