December 21, 2017

Our Daughter

Katie Cadora had a rather uneventful life living with her mother in the suburbs of Chicago. But now everything is about to change, and Katie must come face to face with an unspeakable evil threatening her very existence. Will she make it out alive? What would you do if you realized everything in your life was a lie and someone out there wanted you dead or even worse?

Join Isaac in this incredibly tense and harrowingly supernatural, witch-tastic, paranormal thriller, and find out if Katie has it within her to survive the coming of Our Daughter.

$3.99 Only $2.99


Katie Cadora’s young life was saddled with an absent father and a neglectful mother. Yet, things are about to get much, much worse for her. Beyond what she could even imagine.

Late at night, after one of her mother’s frequent impromptu grocery shopping trips, they are hit by a tragic accident. Or, so it would seem….

Her life, the only one she’d known, was now and forever gone. No going back. No choice. Everything stripped away.

But, what if this tragedy was no accident? What would you do if you suddenly woke up to the realization that your old life had been stolen from you?

“…As they spoke, the items in the center of the altar ignited into flame. The two hooded figures watched as the fire burned the pictures, the coil, and the blood, the images melting, the two distinct faces merging together before being altogether consumed. There, in the darkness, among the shadows. It began..” Quote from Our Daughter


Katie jerks out of her hospital bed to the sullen fact that her mother is dead, and she’s lucky to be alive. The doctors explain as best they can that she will need extensive surgery to repair the damage she sustained in the car accident, but then she would be taken to foster care once she can go home.


That was actually gone, forever. Katie quickly discovers that she has to now make a new life with strangers, a new family, and what a peculiar bunch they seem to be.

But, as Katie tries her best to adjust, she can’t help but question these good-natured people she’s living with. Why do they act so strangely? Why can’t she shake this unsettled feeling?


With the help of her new best friend, Katie sets out to uncover the secrets her new family are hiding. Little does she know, revealing those secrets could do her more harm than good.

Will anyone believe what she’s about to discover? Will she survive what her new family has in store for her?

It’s now a race against time before everything Katie knows – everything that makes up who Katie is – is utterly and forever consumed.

“…This guy, Orphamiel. He’s the finger of God. The great finger, whatever the hell that means…” Quoted from Our Daughter


“Wow. One of the best books I ever read. 6 stars. I wait for book 2.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

“Loved it all the way to the end.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

$3.99 Only $2.99


Looking for the best paranormal suspense novel in the world? Want to escape into a world where magic is real and those who wield it can do so for both evil and good?

If so, then this paranormal suspense series is definitely for you. Discover the white-knuckled life of Katie Cadora as she tries desperately to uncover what is happening to her, what it all truly means, and what her fate will be if she doesn’t find some way to stop it.

Our Daughter is the first installment in the new supernatural paranormal suspense trilogy, Witch Gnostic Heresies, by Isaac Hunter.

Like his other books, Ashen Monk Mountain and Seeking Light Aurora, Isaac again delivers on the promise of weaving together a brilliant and heart-racing story of loss and heartbreak, of sinister magic and the redemptive power of truth.

You’ll never want the story to end.

So, join Isaac on another of his grand adventures into a dark and ominous world, where deadly spirits lurk about, ready to snatch you from your warm bed and drag you, kicking and screaming into the darkness below.

For all you fans of Paranormal and Supernatural Suspense – Our Daughter will surely not disappoint!

Click the “Available on Amazon” button and buy or download as a free supernatural paranormal kindle book by signing up for Isaac Hunter’s VIP Members Club, and start your very own adventure with Our Daughter today!

Just be forewarned. Reading this book means you’ll NEVER see the world the same again.

$3.99 Only $2.99

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