December 22, 2017

Returning the Meadow

Dawn McKensie never wanted to step foot in Skagit River again. She had a new life, a beautiful son to protect, and so much more happiness than she could have ever dreamed possible. But, all that will change when her phone rings.

Join Isaac in this incredibly heart-breaking, supernatural, serial killer, paranormal thriller, and find out if Dawn can escape her fate. Will she be able to save her son from the vengeful spirits hellbent on destroying him? Was the warning from the little girl at the end of Book 1 really true? Find out for yourself in Returning the Meadow.

$3.99 Only $2.99


Dawn McKensie never thought she would escape Skagit River alive. But, as she drug herself up from the river bank that morning, so long ago, and wandered out to the highway, a new hope began to blossom for her. A son.

Zackery became her everything. Now, with a new life in Portland, Oregon – a new job, a new home – all of the loss and misery and death that she knew from before faded away.

But, then the phone rang, and an attorney from Skagit River was on the other end. Mrs. Theilson had passed away, and Dawn was the sole heir to her estate. But, in order to take possession, she would have to make the trip up to Washington and return to the town she swore she would never step foot in again.

For the sake of her son’s future, though, she would need to. It was too much of an opportunity. The spirits of those girls were long gone now, finally at rest. And, the trip would only be for a few days. What could go wrong?

“…Out in the woods, among the silent trees and dark, dank underbrush – wet still from the last rain – they could hear the screams from the house. In those screams, that’s where the rage festered. And grew. It was here where the plan began…” Quote from Returning the Meadow


Her life with Paul Tanner had been blissful, yet horribly and tragically short-lived. But the wounds Paul left with his hometown, Dawn was certain would last forever.

Returning proved difficult for the townspeople to accept. They wanted Dawn gone almost as much as Dawn wanted to leave.

But, before she had the chance, Zackery disappears. Dawn is frantic to find him, and in the process, stumbles into the demons from her own past.

She quickly realizes that her son is in grave danger, and she has to save him. Will his fate be sealed? Is he doomed to suffer at the hands of a malefic force, obsessed with bringing about his end?


Dawn finds things in Skagit River or in her life have really not changed at all. Her good fortune is once again dashed, and she finds herself just barely holding on, as the world she knows is torn down around her.

Can she save her son and also someone from her past? Will she succumb to her original fate, and die there along the river? Was she ever really meant to leave all those years ago? Was this her destiny?

What fresh hell awaits her and her son along the banks of the Skagit River? Will he ever escape the dark reality of who his father really was? Or, will he embrace it?

“…There was a VHS tape halfway inserted into the machine, just enough sticking out for Dawn to read the scratched up, boxy print, the sticky white label peeled at both ends, as if someone at some point had tried to remove it. Dawn reached out and ever so gently ran a finger across the lettering as a chill ran the length of her spine. The white label was empty, all except for the four capital letters that spelled her name…” Quoted from Returning the Meadow


“Wow. One of the best books I ever read. 6 stars. I wait for book 2.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

“Loved it all the way to the end.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

$3.99 Only $2.99


Looking for more from one of the great paranormal romances of all time? Were you sad to see the supernatural suspense novel, In the Meadow, end? Well, if so, there is good news.

The story continues….

Discover in Returning the Meadow, the second installment in the supernatural paranormal romance suspense trilogy, the Meadow Series, by Isaac Hunter, the breathtaking and mysterious nature that is Dawn McKensie. Come to grips with the reality that her past is no where near behind her, and come along as she tries desperately to untangle herself from her demons. Explore the cold and devastating truth of her sons’ heritage, as they both are swept up into a dark and unknown world of pure evil.

Like his other books, Ashen Monk Mountain and Our Daughter, Isaac again delivers on the promise of weaving together a beautifully agonizing glimpse of loss and vengeance, of redemption and true, devastating fear.

You’ll never want the story to end.

So, join Isaac on another of his grand adventures into a dark and ominous world, where deadly spirits lurk, waiting to take revenge on what you hold dearest.

For all you fans of Paranormal and Supernatural Suspense – Returning the Meadow will surely not disappoint!

Click the “Available on Amazon” button and buy or, if you haven’t read In the Meadow yet, download Book 1 as a free supernatural paranormal kindle book by signing up for Isaac Hunter’s VIP Members Club, and start your very own adventure with In the Meadow today!

Just be forewarned. Reading this book means you’ll NEVER see the world the same again.

$3.99 Only $2.99

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