December 22, 2017

Sacred the Circle

Anton tried desperately to keep his composure, despite what he was experiencing. The horrid, putrid stench of burning flesh. The indescribable sea of bodies strewn across an apocalyptic, barren landscape; the blood-curdling screams from those who were unlucky enough to survive. Was it possible the feeling would pass? Just go away? No. He and the others were being drawn to do the only thing they could do. Pray.

Join Isaac in this incredibly tormented, supernatural, end time, apocalyptic thriller, and discover for yourself what it means to give everything for Sacred the Circle.

$3.99 Only $2.99


Several men across the country are stricken by an unexpected and brutal vision, and are compelled to gather together with one another to pray.

Transcending religious belief, denomination, and their own personal risk, the circles begin to form, being called out from society to achieve a divine purpose.

But, by doing so, these men are put to the test. Some have to sacrifice their jobs, their families, and others still may even have to lay down their very lives for the sake of the Multitude.

Will their prayers be enough? Will the Multitude be spared their horrific and devastating fate? Will those called to the circle survive what is coming?

“…It was quiet, the sun hot on his skin. No more wind pounding against him. No more voices. And the others were gone, too. But, he could remember. The faces. And the voice, repeating again and again in his head. ‘Save them.’…” Quote from Sacred the Circle


Bound by secrecy, driven by ruthless and relentless ambition and control, an organization stands at the edge of world domination.

Will those within its walls find solace and escape before it’s too late? Can the organization be stopped or will it too fulfill the purpose it was created for?

Ashton must make his choice between his life and his calling as both the company he works for and his long-time mentor seek to make final preparations for their coming king.

What will happen when the Morning Star falls? Woe to the earth. Woe to its inhabitants. For the prince of the air has come.


A ghastly phantasm moves silently through the corridor, looking for its target. It’s gaunt hand raises, its bony finger extending. For the briefest of moments it can feel the anguish radiating off him. Then the finger enters his chest cavity, dividing the spirit from soul.

The specter works methodically, driven by an utterly relentless and insatiable passion to bring about the will of the one who sent him.

The circles, they must be completed.

The members must be called out and prepared for what is to come. If they are not ready in time, all hope will be lost.

Will the creature achieve its task? Will it show them and teach them and transform them into what they need to be? Will any be lost in the process?

“…Yousef stood there silently, watching Mr. Benar and the police officer as they walked the short distance to the patrol cars in the parking lot…As he took a step, Yousef could feel those bony fingers on him again, gripping him close, pressing against him. He thought about turning again to see, but knew there would be nothing there. The hands tightened around his shoulders, and he could hear the faint sound of breathing in his ear.
Words began to come as he walked, distant at first, as if whatever it was was fearful of speaking too loudly in his ear. Soon, though, by the time he got to the bottom of the steps and the patrol cars were pulling out of the parking lot, the words were much louder – tugging at him. Ominous. ‘I.. ..them…..’ it said, again and again. ‘I love them.’….” Quoted from Sacred the Circle


“Wow. One of the best books I ever read. 6 stars. I wait for book 2.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

“Loved it all the way to the end.”
Kindle Reader of In the Meadow

$3.99 Only $2.99


Looking for a grand, apocalyptic adventure like you’ve never seen before? Searching for an engaging paranormal, supernatural suspense series that grabs you before you finish the first page and then never lets you go?

If so, then this paranormal suspense story is definitely for you. Discover the heart-wrenching, devastatingly beautiful picture of a final effort in God’s plan to reach the lost, explore the brilliant and tantalizing love affair the creator has with his creation.

Sacred the Circle is the first installment in the new supernatural paranormal apocalyptic suspense trilogy, the Sacred Series, by Isaac Hunter.

Like his other books, Ashen Monk Mountain and Our Daughter, Isaac again delivers on the promise of weaving together a beautifully captivating agony between the love of people, the burden of fate, and the call of the chosen to fulfill God’s grand purpose on earth.

You’ll never want the story to end.

So, join Isaac on another of his grand adventures into a dark and ominous world, where angelic and demonic spirits abound, where an inter-dimensional war rages, and we serve as both the pawn and prize.

For all you fans of Christian paranormal and Supernatural Suspense – Sacred the Circle will surely not disappoint!

Click the “Available on Amazon” button and buy or download as a free supernatural paranormal kindle book by signing up for Isaac Hunter’s VIP Members Club, and start your very own adventure with Sacred the Circle today!

Just be forewarned. Reading this book means you’ll NEVER see the world the same again.

$3.99 Only $2.99

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