Something writhes unnaturally in St Louis.

It slowly, painfully unfurls it’s long, leprous wings – gasping – as it expels a hideous, vaporous breath.

Nate taps the tips of his fingers on the edge of the railing, as he lets out a disenchanted sigh. He realizes all too well what’s just happened, and what he now has to do.

He reaches for his weapon, steels his jaw.

It looks like vengeance will have to wait until he can dispatch these monsters that have laid siege against his unsuspecting city. But, getting vengeance for his parents – it has been his all consuming pursuit for so long. Can he really…

Nate shakes his head.

What else is there to do when a horde of angels and demons, ghosts and vampires, werewolves and dragons are all on your six, and they’re out for the blood of yours truly?


Damn right.

And, that’s just what he’s going to do. Slit the throats of every last one of them, until there’s none left.

In a city very similar to your own, with inhabitants having neither the time nor the inclination to believe in such ridiculous things as monsters or magic, a decision now has to be made – a path must be taken.

But, no matter what Nate chooses to do, his city will surely be left in ruins. The people will once and for all know his secret, and the truth will be undeniable.

Magic IS real.

And, it’s also deadly.

When shape-shifting dragons invade, Nate Temple is the only one that can take on the supernatural Armageddon.

But, will he be able to choose between his own deep seated thirst for revenge and the fate of his best friend? Will he be able to save his city and still live with himself and the consequences of his actions?

Join Nate in this incredible, insidious, supernatural series, The Temple Chronicles. Already over 500,000 copies have been sold, it is sure to be your next favorite!

In the style of the urban fantasies and supernatural mayhem he read in his youth, Shayne Silvers delivers a spine-tingling story of conspiracy, mystical super villains, gods, devils, demons….all wrapped up into one. It is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat and the pages turning.

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