I managed to catch the latest installment of the Terminator franchise tonight. I have to say, I think it lives up to the hype.

That’s not to say there aren’t some things I think they should have avoided, a few things with which they could have done better. But, all in all, it’s a great addition to the overall universe of AI infused machines hell bent on destroying humanity. Be forewarned. This review will have a lot of spoilers.  

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Let’s get started….

Do We Really Need to Flip the Script?

It’s trite and a little insulting to infuse social political diatribe in sci-fi, but I suppose it’s unavoidable this day and age. I wish Cameron would have a bit more of a backbone and think about the story rather than trying to score progressive points.

But, I suppose some could say the story-line left off from Terminator 2 was a little stale. I wouldn’t say that, but…

I think it’s a real tragedy they have essentially neutralized the John Connor story-line altogether. Yes, there is room for two more movies going forward with Sarah Connor and the new “mother” of the resistance. And, of course, she’s not giving birth to the savior of the world anymore – she is the feminine savior.

In the new story, I suppose it works. Especially with Machenzie Davis taking up the protagonist roll. Too bad she’s a one hit wonder. She was the main reason I decided to watch the movie when it came out. Linda Hamilton did a nice job as well with her long awaited return. And, of course, Arnold. The quintessential Terminator himself. As I said before, not really a fan of killing off John Connor as a mid pre-teen. I think the script writers could have been a little more creative and a bit less panderous. But, again…I’m probably fighting a losing battle on this one.

I Actually Like ALL Terminator Movies?

But, then again, I’m just about all the way contrarian when it comes to the Terminator Universe anyway.

Yes, I admit it proudly. I love ALL installments of the Terminator francise. Movies. TV Show. Books (that I haven’t even read yet). Anything that has a robot trying its hardest to wipe out the human race – that just makes for good quality entertainment in my book. And I would say a tad bit prophetic. Hey, if it doesn’t one day happen, you can tell me “I told you so,” at my gravesite. If not, and the AI does eventually become our overlords, I will be the first to say, “SEE? Predicted!” right before they cart us off to the work camps.

Of course, like most everyone else, I love the first and second Terminator movies – Terminator 2 being my favorite. But, I also liked Terminator 3, and I even liked Terminator 4. They are both really well done and make great additions to the francise (in my opinion).

I also enjoyed Genisys. But that’s mostly because of the inclusion of Emilia Clarke and the re-direction of John Connor as Antagonist.

Then, of course, was the short run Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles back in the early 2000’s. This show, I think, really broke the boundaries of what could be done with a franchise, with characters, and really branded Terminator as a time travel, time displacement, parallel space jumping story, rather than just a killer robot cliche.

Great Movie – But Doubt There Will Be a Triology

So, I settled into the theater, with my bag of popcorn in hand, my soda in the cupholder, and readied myself as the lights dimmed. I had purposefully avoided the reviews already appearing on Youtube, just so the surprise wouldn’t be spoiled.

But, to be honest, I was a little disappointed with the beginning. I’m not too fond of subtitles and I was starting to get annoyed. But, they died down pretty quickly and the action took over after they “set the scene.”

Was it really good enough for two more movies, though? I don’t know. I would not want to discourage them, though. Like I said, I enjoy all things Terminator, so two more movies, have at it. And, the movie did improve over the course of the hour and half.

Much like my disatisfaction with rebranding the John character with a female protagonist, all in the name of progressivism, I also care not at all for their newly and least inspired enemy – Legion.


You could have just left it as Skynet. It worked in the Chronicles and all the other movies up to this one. No reason to fix what’s not broken. But, I suppose. I get that audiences are a fickle bunch – and you certainly aren’t going to please them all. You definitely won’t be able to please me and my eclectic, old-fashioned tastes. Hey, just calm down if your head is exploding from anything I’ve written here. I’m old and getting older every minute of every day. Soon enough I’ll be dead and you can do whatever you want with the Terminator Franchise. Ruin it to your heart’s content.

Should they make more movies and follow this new story-line? Sure. In fact, I think they should make a new Terminator movie every single year. I will be the first in line to watch them all. So, Cameron, get busy. You have work to do.

Do I think they will? Nope. And why do I think that? Because we just not allowed to have nice things anymore (single tear).

My Recommendation

In the end, it was worth the trip and a few hours out of my day. I would definitely recommend the newest Terminator film, despite its glaring alterior motives and lack luster creativity.

It is a good flick. It is a nice addition to the universe. And if internal consistency is a problem for you, just subscribe to the “many worlds” theory, realize that all these story-lines are playing out simultaneously in their own, distinct, though disparate parallel universes.

Our fate is only what we make because we make them all and are living them all at the same time right now….

Hey! Watch out! There’s a Terminator standing behind you! Now we all can be the savior of the world!

Until my next review…..

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