In this post I want to talk about an article I stumbled onto the other day concerning the dire condition of academia in general and the growing trend that seems to be taking hold cross academia and in seminaries as in some instances who Philosophy departments are being scuttled due to low interest.

Those who follow my blog and this podcast know that I recently finished my ThD in Christian Philosophy. Luckily for me, I knew this situation was happening before I ever selected a seminary so I knew what I was getting into. Many, though, enter into graduate level programs across the country without first determining what will happen once they graduate and enter the workforce (or try to).

After reading this article I did a little more searching and confirmed that this is a trend happening.

So, I say it’s a good topic to discuss and want to kind of dig in a little here and find out maybe why this is happening and what it might say about our culture today, our seminaries, and what it means for the individual who is seeking future employment in the ivory tower……

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I finished several books this week as part of my Unschooled Master of Theology Program. You can check them all out here. During this marathon, I finally finished Philosophy, Pussycats, and Porn, which I had hoped would be an interesting philosophical treatment from the perspective a pornstar, but found instead a trivial diary of what seemed like a twelve year old girl.

There were no real gems of wisdom here. No fascinating philosophical or metaphysical insights, no substantive take on the human condition or even the mind of men (you would think there would at least be that).

But Let’s jump in anyway and take a look at what is supposed to be the wilder side of life. Hint. It doesn’t appear to be.

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