The next course I selected as part of my Unschooled Master of Theology program was the KI course, Genesis part 1, which covers the first half of the Book of Genesis. Here are the Discussion Questions for the entire course along with my responses.

As a reminder, you can find all of my course assignments for the uThM here.

So, let’s get started….

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Awhile back I stumbled onto a discussion between Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro on Dave Rubin’s show on Youtube, and when I started watching it I noticed a claim that Dr. Peterson made that caught me rather by surprise. His claim was that the purpose of Christ and the cross was to provide an example for each of us to model in our own lives, which brings about a kind of salvation through good deeds or being a good person.

Now I’ve watched Dr. Peterson for a few years. He seems to be inching closer and closer to the edge of faith in Christ, but I think his intellect and his learning in psychology is getting in his way. But, let’s tackle this concept in detail, discussing what is the actual purpose of the Cross of Christ, what it is to do for us, and how we should approach this messianic figure….

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The next course I selected as part of my Unschooled Master of Theology program was the KI course, 1 & 2 Peter, which covers the both letters from the apostle that most everyone can relate to (because he screwed up so much). Here are the Discussion Questions for the entire course along with my responses.

As a reminder, you can all of my course assignments for the uThM here.

So, let’s get started….

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Let me say right off the bat, there will be spoilers in this post. This is because I have to write about this short story, or novella, or I really don’t know what this was. A complete story it was not. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

A few weeks ago, I was watching Young Sheldon and the episode centered around Sheldon and his college buddies (professors) started a book club around Isaac Asimov’s writings, and they started with the story Nightfall.

I’d never heard of this title before. Actually, I’ve had little exposure to Asimov directly, other than an ill-fated reading of Nemisis several years ago, which I thought was a little anti-climactic in and of itself.

But, I figured I would give it a go, plus I had Asimov’s Complete Works (which actually turned out to not be so complete after all).

So, let’s discuss why I thought Nightfall was a terrible read (I really hope all his works aren’t like this)….

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A few weeks ago I stumbled onto one of those BookTube girls online and I started watching her videos as she went through her bookshelves, talking about the myriad of books she owned and which ones she liked and which ones she hated and why and why not. All the while she complained about dating and college and the rest of her seemingly perfect life.

Despite this, I did manage to take some of her book recommendations, titles that I simply would never have heard of before. One of those that rose to the top (not exactly sure why) was the book You’ve Reached Sam, which is about a high school girl who’s boyfriend suddenly dies and, in her grief, she calls his number to hear his voice on his voicemail, but instead of getting a recording her dead boyfriend actually picks up.

I know.

I immediately got the book (along with around 200+ other titles that formed my new reading list and loaded them up on my new ebook reader (a Likebook P6). I set out to finish this book as soon as I possibly could with the intension of forming a new profusive reading habit that would move reading to the top of my list of daily activities (other than watching Youtube videos or television shows since there doesn’t seem to be enough of those to fill the day with – but there are more than enough books to do so). Just as a note, there will be spoilers in this post so be forewarned.

So, now that I just finished this book, let’s jump in and see what I thought of it…

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An email came into my inbox the other day from, the company that developed the Logos Bible Software. Now, if you follow this blog at all, you know that I’m not really a great admirer of this program, though I do use it as my primary Bible software currently. I would love to use Olivetree or TW5 or some other free or cost effective program, but they just do not have the features that Logos does. Despite this, I don’t think the tool and feature set that Logos does have really justifies the prices they demand.

So, let’s jump in and see if Logos really does provide “bible tools for every budget”….

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As I started my previous Greek studies I stumbled onto a playlist on Youtube that had video lectures and Skype calls with none other than Steven Anderson teaching Biblical Greek. To my surprise, Anderson is “fluent” in Koine Greek and he even put together a documentary focusing on him and Agros Church pastors going over to Greece to witness to people from the Greek New Testament.

Now, I don’t know about all this hoopla. I think it’s a little far fetched to be doing this (it has no draw for me even in English), but each to their own. But, I did find the Greek lectures quite interesting and mildly helpful to a minor degree. Unfortunately, all of Steven Anderson’s videos were deleted from Youtube because of censorship, but I’m glad I was able to go through all the videos in the playlist save, I think, maybe one.

So, let’s talk about what the benefits were of the lectures, what he covered, and some impressive facts about the preacher that everyone loves to hate…..

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In this post I want to talk about an article I stumbled onto the other day concerning the dire condition of academia in general and the growing trend that seems to be taking hold cross academia and in seminaries as in some instances who Philosophy departments are being scuttled due to low interest.

Those who follow my blog and this podcast know that I recently finished my ThD in Christian Philosophy. Luckily for me, I knew this situation was happening before I ever selected a seminary so I knew what I was getting into. Many, though, enter into graduate level programs across the country without first determining what will happen once they graduate and enter the workforce (or try to).

After reading this article I did a little more searching and confirmed that this is a trend happening.

So, I say it’s a good topic to discuss and want to kind of dig in a little here and find out maybe why this is happening and what it might say about our culture today, our seminaries, and what it means for the individual who is seeking future employment in the ivory tower……

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In this post I would like to talk about an alternative model to the high priced regionally accredited seminaries model we find dotting the globe today, one that can provide you an even better biblical education for little to no money at all.

For awhile now I’ve been taking courses at the Koinonia Institute. It was a “learning center” started by Chuck Missler in the hay-day of K-House, the ministry that supports KI. Now that I’ve been enrolled for awhile (and have been using Missler materials for years) I can attest to the quality of the lectures as well as much of the doctrinal foundation on which it rests.

So, let’s jump in and find out how KI can serve as an alternative to the traditional seminary education….

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There are few books that I’ve read in my life that have really stuck with me. In adulthood, there have been virtually no fiction books or novels that have touched me in any significant way. Nothing like when I was a kid. Back when I was 13 or 14, I would spend summers on my bed reading book after book. I would get up in the morning and ride my bike the two miles down to the library to check out books after scouring the stacks. I loved it.

I honestly can’t remember when I read Lightning for the first time. It must have been in high school. I don’t recall discovering Dean Koontz before that. But I can say that no story has ever really affected me so profoundly as this one did.

So, let’s jump into the book and explore the world Koontz created. I can’t wait..….

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Not long ago a video popped up in the sidebar from youtube’s algorithm when I was looking up “god of war” (I was searching for the Exodus 15:3 reference). I clicked on the video out of curiosity because it was titled God is Actually a War God. I mean, why wouldn’t I click on that, right? Not to mention, the guy pictured in the thumbnail looked like a reject from the 1980’s movie, Lost Boys.

So, let’s dig into what “Morgue” had to say about the God of the Bible….

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The second to the last book in Jean M Auel’s Earth’s Children series took awhile for me to finish. The last book I reviewed (book 4) in the series was back in July 2020, so just over a year and a half. That’s a stretch to read a book. Granted, the book is 753 page (apparently listening to the audio book doesn’t speed things up), but still, it really shouldn’t take so long, right?

But, I did finally finish it. That’s saying something. So, let’s jump in and see what has happened to Ayla and Jondalar and all the others in this bizarre and somewhat overly gratuitous fictional series.….

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