This was really a good book – for what I needed from it. It definitely isn’t a book you just sit down and read from cover to cover. But it is packed full of provocative and intriguing information.

I first read the main introduction to the book, which provides background information on gnostic beliefs, magic, etc. Then I read each chapter introduction that deals specifically with the type of spells, curses, amulets, etc handled in that particular chapter. Finally I went back and gathered together all the actual spells I needed or thought I would need, or wording that I just particularly liked. Now I’m working through the synthesis of all those spells, piecing together what I need and adding it/using it to shape the story for OUR DAUGHTER as need be.

Apparently the authors were granted access to ancient documents that are not readily available, so you get more than you bargain for in this text. My favorite spell of the book?

The Spell to Invoke the Divine to Accomplish Whatever is Requested. Now that sounds like a nice, all around spell to have at your fingertips. šŸ˜‰

Favorite reading:

I invoke you, o god almighty, who is above every ruler and authority and lordship and every name that is named, who is enthroned above the cherubim before you, through our lord Jesus Christ, the beloved child. Send out to me, o master your holy archangels, who stand opposite your holy altar and are appointed for your holy service: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Saruel, Raguel, Nuriel, Anael. Let them accompany me today, during all the hours of day and night, and grant me victories…”

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