I pulled it off. After a short set back I’m back writing again, able to knock out almost a grand of words. I set my alarm last night for an hour earlier than usual so I wouldn’t feel rushed, and it worked. Now, other than my edits still to do (which I don’t think I’ll get done before work), my day is free of self-imposed obligation.

My goal today is to take a block of time, probably after my mourning chores, and knock out as many tasks on my Next Actions list as I possibly can. It can be difficult, though. Most of the time I get really consumed by a particular task. But I guess I could get my reading section done relatively quickly. They’re pretty cut and dried. I would love to accomplish all my major tasks before noon, leaving me the rest of the day to relax, work, explore – whatever I wanted to do. I think it could be done.

Oh, and Katie? Get out of that hole you’ve found yourself in.

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