This movie is an instant classic. It is too bad this is not a real job, flying around the country firing people for a living. I’ve actually looked into it. The movie is based on the book of the same name, though it is apparently different. I was unable to find the book at the library.

Clooney, though, transforms this movie into the best experience possible. Anna Kendrick plays the best 20 something who things she has it all figured out and the previous generation has screwed it all up. She learns pretty quickly (and so does Clooney) that no one has the corner on stupid, fooling, or ignorance. Oh, and there is of course the most talented (albeit somewhat peculiar) Jason Bateman to round out the cast.

Some may say the movie is too critical or negative. For me, I think the movie is an accurate and commendable depiction of the world of relationships. It definitely inspires me to learn for a traveling job where I’m flying around the country all the time. I’ve read from those who actually do it, though, that you lose the romance of it very quickly. Maybe working from home like I do is all the better. Screw it. I’ll just retire and travel for fun! And I’ll watch this movie at some point during my flight while somewhere over Witchita, Kansas.

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