Yesterday – I don’t really know where it went! I had every intention of doing my daily write/edit tasks, but before I realized it, the afternoon was hitting me square in the face, then evening, then I was fighting unconsciousness at 11:30PM. Needless to say, nothing really got done. Well, that’s not exactly true. I did get most of the weed eating done. That’s something, right?

Today was a different story, though it is already 2pm and I’m just now writing up my word count post (which I normally do at 8am)! Needless to say, I have to fight to keep the world out of my writing space these days. I can’t wait until the point where I’m financial independent and the major tasks I have each day is to write, edit, research, take leisure walks in the woods to daydream and brainstorm new story ideas, and then struggle over what movie to watch that evening over a few slices of pizza. Wouldn’t that be a grand life? A grand life indeed. Indeed.

For now, though, I have to wrestle with the rest of the world, the work-a-day life (7 days a week), even though my situation now is so much better than my past life. That kind of burden I would not want to pick up again for any amount of money in this big blue spinning world. No thank you. Give me cot. Give me shelter. Give me pizza. I am sated with that. May I have, if not to much trouble, the free time to dream up dreams of other places, to etch them out in ones and zeros and give them to the world to be consumed. This is enough.

Someone just suddenly realized their entire world has been up-ended, never to be the same again. I hope they adjust okay. I’ll find out in the next few weeks. Wait a minute. I already know how the story ends. 😉

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