August 9, 2012

Movie Review: Battleship

So, I love these covers from other countries. I really love this age we live in now, on the cusp of a whole new way of life – or ultimately the beginning of our downfall. We are so close to an extinction event, it’s just not funny. Whether it be an alien invasion, vampires rising up out of the night clubs to take over, catastrophic global warming (thanks Gore), or a wild zombie outbreak – something’s bound to get us. This movie is a glimpse into that.

I’ve been waiting a while now for this to be available and it just showed up out of the blue one day. Nice. It’s like a alien-meets-transformer movie on crack, which made for a nice few hours of entertainment. I didn’t care much for the gratuitous salute to the troops in a few scenes. I hope the studio got a nice kick back from the Navy for the kind mention – I suppose that’s how these things are done in the movie business. I will have to say, this movie is better all around than The Hunter Games was. It has its problems, too, just not as blatant. It’s worth a look see.

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