I actually liked this one most of all, though I’m excited to walked the next three movies, now that I have much more background to go on. A lot more makes sense now – why Darth Vadar is no pissed off all the time. I’d be a little irritated, too, if my mentor left me for dead with my legs cut off and I’ve been set ablaze by hot lava. I think I’d likewise be a little cranky.

It was actually a sad story, the tragedy between Darth and his secret wife. He chose the dark force over her in the end, thinking he could had both power and love. Of course, if it hadn’t been for Obi One, she probably would have rationalized being with him in the future. Either that or she would have gone over to the dark side herself. Imagine, an entire dark side Sith family, hell bent on ruling the world. That would be one crazy story, wouldn’t it?

Instead, we have Star Wars 4-6, and from what I remember, it’s a good story, too.

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