Excellent finale to a great saga! Not only do we see Luke and Laya reunite as siblings, but Laya ends up with Solo (General Solo, that is), and the furry Ewoks on the moon planet help save the day and destroy the new Death Star. Luke confronts his father and we find even Darth Vadar cannot resist the good in the Force, tossing his old buddy off the edge. Not sure why Darth would die, but I suppose there would be no way he could live down what he did before. Everyone would be out for blood. I suppose it was a good way to go, and this version of the movie must have been release after episodes 1-3 were made, because the last scene shows an image of Yoda, Obi One, and Anakin all together again in the Force afterlife, smiling and happy. What a nice ending. I can’t imagine they would have anything else to cover in future movies. I guess we’ll see.

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