Just about the best programming on tv these days. Leave it to a backwoods network and a handful casts of newcomers to change how it’s done in the post-apocalyptic world.

I have to hand it to the lead actor in the show. I was about floored when I heard him for the first time in an interview and he came out with that English accent. At first I thought he was trying to be funny and faking it. Then I realized I’d been fooled.

Blood, mayhem, carnage, drama, pain, loss – sounds like a day in the life of anyone living in a big city these days. Well, except for the dead rising up to feed on the living. Small difference, really.

Favorite Character: depends on the episode really. I would say it’s between Rick, Carl, and Daryl.

Least Favorite Character: Lori was getting on my nerves, so I was glad when she died. Andrea also has annoyed me from the very first season – I think she should have been offed long ago. Now Tyrease is tweak my agitator button. I thought he was going to eat it in Season 4, episode 4, but I was wrong.

Favorite Episode: Can’t really say to be honest. I like them all. I have preferred the first two seasons before the prison, though season three was pretty good in parts.

Least Favorite Episode: I would have to say Season 3, episode 3 (I think), where it is entirely about the Governor and Woodberry (and Andrea), rather than the people at the prison. I skip it when I’m watching reruns.

I look forward to a good, long run. But, you never know with Hollywood. They’re all a little crazy.

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