January 8, 2014

TV Show Review: Heroes

I never did finish Heroes when it was on NBC. Not sure what was going on at the time, but by season four, I was off the superpower/ability kick, and never saw the end. So, armed with a copy of the series on my computer, I set out to re-discover one of the great series in recent years.

Not only did I get to watch the launch of great careers like Kristin Bell, who played Elle, the lightning girl. I was never (and still am not) a fan of Panettiere, though I thought she did a pretty good job as the healing girl.

Overall, the best part of the series was Hiro and his time traveling/teleportation. Time travel has actually been an interest of mine for quite some time. So much so, it became the subject of (well, sort of) of my first published work, Seeking Light Aurora. The idea that the threshold of time and space could be crossed, manipulated, harnessed, controlled – it’s a concept that has captivated people for a long time. I remember asking myself one day, what would happen if someone got caught in a situation where they had no control over these properties, and where at the mercy of laws other than those of laws of physics in our own reality.

This was the spark of Seeking Light Aurora. Of course, it mushroomed into a story much great and more elaborate than I could have ever imagined. Similar to what happened to Heroes. When it first started it was just about powers, but quickly slipped off the edge into conspiracies, government spies/agencies, then got really, really weird toward the end.

In the last season, there were a lot of unanswered questions left – well, unanswered. What happened to the paradise Samuel was building? And the end was, though not entirely a cliffhanger, it still left a lot hanging. There was talk of following the series up with a movie to answer all the questions, but, as with most tv shows, the necessary viewers just didn’t materialize. This is one reason why I’m starting to like the book format better (especially ebooks), because it takes literally nothing to produce. No huge budgets, which means fewer eyes need to see it to make the endeavor worthwhile. Even the Season 5 comic books don’t seem to have much traction these days.

So, if you liked Heroes like I did, and you’re Jonesin’ for a time warping fix, you might give Seeking Light Aurora a try. Not to mention the sequel which is coming soon!

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