I stumbled onto the first season of this show one day and was blown away. I’d never heard of Crackle before, and I’m a big Heroes fan, so I sat down and watched all 6 episodes in a row. Then I was left hanging for what seemed like forever, until I found season 2 had finally been released.

At first I didn’t think the Milo would reappear, but then, all of a sudden, there he was. We were also introduced to a whole other set of characters, who are running and fighting for their lives as well. By the end of the (again) 6 episode season, the two main characters (Milo and Chad) meet and we think one is dead, then there’s a turn of events that I certainly didn’t see coming. Crazy.

Now, for the criticism. What the hell kind of crap is Crackle pulling here? Make some more episodes already! In whose possible imagination would 6 – 20 minute – episodes work to keep an audience happy? Come on, people. Give me 22 episodes. Better yet, give me 60 per season! How about we just keep it going all the time. Soap operas can manage it, why can’t you?

Enough said. All in all, great show, great second season, and I’m looking forward to the 3rd.

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