March 20, 2014

Writing Report: New Plan

I’ve considered a new publishing schedule and I’ll try it tomorrow. Here’s how it would go, if it will work. I set my writing goal for 1000 words daily. This will produce a new manuscript every 2.5 months (based on an 80,000 word target for each book), or a new manuscript every quarter. I then set my editing goal for 2000 words daily (based on a need to edit each manuscript completely through 2 times). This will, theoretically, allow me to publish a new title approximately every 2.5 to 3 months (or every quarter). That’s four books a year.

That’s a total of 3000 words daily, a little over 1 million words a year (between editing and writing). Since I easily knocked off 3700 words today, I think I can handle 3000 pretty comfortably. I’m hoping I can hit this goal regularly, before noon each day. This will free up my afternoon to work on summaries and research, while giving me the evenings off to watch tv and relax.

I’ll, of course, check back in tomorrow afternoon with my progress.

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