I know at some point I wrote a review for Falling Skies, but I just can’t find it on the site. So, here I go again.

To start with, this was a real break out hit during the first two seasons. I’ve been a big fan of Noah Wyle since ER, and then with his Library movie series, so it was old hat when I saw him in an alien tv show. Not to mention, it was actually good.

Well, then season 3 hit and they had a stutter-step. Not sure what happened, but the introduction of the Volm really put a crick in the amour of a show I thought was perfect.

Then comes season 4 and everything (I mean everything) changed. They divided everyone up, they stretched out some pretty flimsy subplots, and really just had the cast running around every episode.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s gotten better now that everyone is back together. But this whole thing with the daughter turning evil and Lordis being the bee keeper of everyone (god I do not like that girl), makes for quite boring tv.

I just finished watching the latest episode today, though, and it looks like things are picking up. The blonde is back after being double crossed by her alien father, and they are planning a trip to the moon! I better hang on tight. Might get good before the season is over.

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