I made it! Very first day to hit my word count target since I set the goal a few days ago. A minimum of 1000 words written and 3000 words edited. All great and fine, agreed. But now for the hard part. I have to keep hitting this goal day in and day out for the next year.

I have the time, though. My day job provides a lot of downtime. I started this morning at 9am and just finished at 2:38pm. Granted, there was breakfast, lunch, and several breaks. Also a handful of clients came and went during that time. I would really like to win Publishers Clearing House, so I don’t have to worry about all these interruptions throughout the day. I can see it now, get up in the morning, go for a paddle on the river in my kayak, eat breakfast, then write for an hour or two. Break to watch a movie, maybe go for a walk, kill a few errands. Have lunch, then back to write a few more hours. Then round out the afternoon with some reading, dinner, tv watching in the evening before bed.

For right now, though, I count my stars that I have the opportunity I do. No boss looking over my shoulder. No co-workers to deal with. Clients who pay me quite well to do very little.

If things work out, I won’t even need Publishers Clearing House. I’ll have book sells to pay the way for my endless summer!

Ah, the spoils of war.

(I wrote 1108 and edited 3058 words today)

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  1. Congratulations! Let me know if there are any vacancies where you work…;-)


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