August 25, 2014

TV Show Review: True Blood

It’s over. Another great show dies and drifts off, but leaves with some great closure, albeit with a few unanswered questions. Who could forget the first time you sat down to watch TB, and you met Sookie Stackhouse. I had no experience with the Southern Vampire Mysteries series or the tv show when I did. It certainly didn’t take long for me to get hooked.

Now, though, it’s over and we’re all left with a stake-size hole in our hearts. No matter, at least they didn’t leave it on a cliffhanger or drag the show through the mud of mediocrity to eek out a little more money. No, they went out with a bang, and tied up all the loose ends.

My favorite character on the show, of course, is Jessica. She’s one of a kind. Second favorite: Jason. I’m really glad he finally found himself a girl he could settle down with for the long haul. He produced some cute kids. Everyone else on the show ended up with their soul mates, even Sookie, though we have no idea who he is or where she met him. There really was no one else, since Sam was already with Nicole.

In the end, Bill is the only one left out in the cold, though he did get what he wanted. True Death. He makes a comment at his death, “I don’t know what happens next.” We are left, of course, only wondering. The last we see of Bill is a coffin full of blood. No sitting on a cloud looking down on Sookie. No torturous hell fire. We simply don’t know.

We do find out that Eric and Pam do alright for themselves. Even Sarah reaps what’s coming to her. In the end, all is well and as it should be in Bon Temps. Now it’s time to break out the books and get to reading. I hope they’re different.

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