The last couple of days I’ve been focusing primarily on getting my new bank accounts set up, my merchant account and all my auto payments switched over. What a chore! No wonder I dreaded doing it for so long.

Last night I drove to the coast, to check on my house, see if I got red-tagged, and I arrived to find nothing out of place and no violations. Thank God! All the stuff the inspector had a problem with had been done already by the time I bought the place anyway, so, I can only assume, there’s nothing they can force me to do until I sell (which I have no plans to do).

So, barring any unexpected red tag in the future, it is full steam ahead. I need to lay down the vinyl floor and remodel the bathroom. Then I will stockpile everything else (ceiling tile, paneling, etc) for after I move. That stuff, if I even get around to doing it, can be finished after I move in and start my new life – free and unencumbered.

Can’t wait.

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