I’ surprisingly doing rather well. Not sure how that is, other than I’ve gotten into the habit of eating less than I weight every day. Yes, some days I eat 2700 calories. Most of the time, though, it’s around 2200 calories, sometimes down to 1800 or less.

The secret, I found, is it’s all in the averages. If I eat 2700 one day, but then eat only 1800 the next day, this averages out to 2250 each day, and that equals a net loss overall! This, I think, was the problem all along. I would do well for awhile and then I would have an emotional spike that would transition me out of my habit of eating less on average and that would bring my average up, gaining weight back.

Right now I’m less than 7 lbs from my all time low weight since I started. A year ago I got down to 250 lbs, but never could make it below that. Not only did that become my major barrier, I also gained all the weight I lost, all the way back to 300 lbs.

Issues that limit or derail my weight loss:

  • Daily weigh-ins at inopportune times or that require too much effort (disrobing in the middle of the day or in the cold, etc). I currently do a daily weigh-in just before taking a shower, which seems to work pretty well.
  • Eating fast food with family, checking with family what they are eating for dinner each night, etc.
  • Eating too many calories during the day and then struggling with cravings at night while watching tv.
  • Struggling with temptations to order pizza during the day (local pizza shop now takes orders online).

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