Current Research Focus:

Thought Experiments: I’m interested in finding solutions and testing hypotheses, but I never thought I could participate on the same level as “real” scientists, those who have lots of funding and equipment, who are professionals in their respective fields. I then discovered that Einstein used thought experiments. So did many other famous scientists. I also learned that thought experiments are used in many different disciplines (history, philosophy, etc). It’s a perfect solution, allowing me to conduct applicable experimentation without the need for massive funding, credentials, etc.

Psycho-Cybernetics: I discovered quite quickly, as I was searching for a How-To on Thought Experiments, that they sound surprisingly similar to a mental exercise I recognize from Max Maltz and Dan Kennedy’s Psycho-Cybernetics. The Mental Movie Exercise. This re-sparked my interest in this field of study, as I try to approach a solution or solutions to my current research problems. If the mental exercises of PC are simply specialized Thought Experiments, then why can’t they be used to address the research problems I’m trying to solve? Max and Dan state that the mental exercises (TE) they prescribe will solve any problem you put before it, whether you believe it will or not. Sounds like the perfect hypothesis to put to a TE test, doesn’t it?

My Current Research Problems: 1. I’m stuck in daily employment that I do not enjoy (thought it is MUCH better than my previous employment situation. 2. I want to develop a “successful” writing career. 3. I want the freedom to devote the bulk of my time to research.

My Proposed Solutions: For #1 I propose focusing the next 3-5 years on several lines of offense in order to hedge my time and efforts so I never have to be in this situation again. #2 Since simply drafting a plan of action (which I have done already) has not worked, it is apparent to me that I need to focus my effort on removing the mental blocks that are sabotaging me in my writing efforts. This I will do by focusing my research efforts inwardly, while still attempting to progress in the action plan. #3 I believe if I leverage my time and effort over the next 3-5 years toward the above stated areas, this will enable me the flexibility and freedom in the future to focus on research full-time, eliminating the requirement for daily employment outside of my writing/research scope.

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