An FX super series is back for its third spine tingling season and it’s better ever!!

Blood, guts, lots of killing.

THE STRAIN has always been an underdog, with its subtle brutality, and intense, gut-wrenching suspense. Finally, something I can sink my teeth into. Or, maybe I should say, sink my lizard like, worm laden vampire tongue into!

Last season left us with Nora and Coco dead, Eph and Fet and the others in dire straits, barely getting away on a stolen tug boat. Now we venture into a whole new world, with more twists and turns than we can count.

What’s in store for our motley crew this season? Who will survive? Who will ultimately die? Will we ever be able to rid the city of the Master? Only time will tell….

To get the answers we seek, we’ll just have to wait and see. THE STRAIN is now with us every Sunday through October, and I’m certain it will deliver as it always has.

It is one of the most entertaining shows on television.

While you’re waiting, though, you can get your fill of incredible Paranormal, Supernatural action in MY NOVELS, and discover stories with characters you’ll never forget!

They are sure to leave you captivated and enraptured with every turn of the page.

Until next week’s episode of THE STRAIN, check out my newest novel, ESCAPING LIGHT AURORA, the second installment in the AURORA SERIES. It will not fail to deliver the goosebumps you so eagerly crave!

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The STRAIN TEAM Ready to Fight!

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