I couldn’t help it. I just had to.

It took on a mind of it’s own, and I had to add several more concentrations to my Hackable MBA for Writers.

After setting up the original study plan, with the concentration on Writing, I went back to work the next week with my mind reeling about what I could learn and where my research interests might take me.

Yes, I am focused on “hacking” a Master’s in Business.

Yes, I would like to focus my limited time on maximizing my writing in such a way that I can quit my day job and focus on writing and research full time.

But, my other research interests tug at me all the time. They are a constant if not annoying distraction while at work, or while trying to watch television (I really want to binge watch LOST again, please).

The truth is, I am fascinated about a lot of things. Some of them actually keep me up at night.

Death is one.

The search for a TOE is another. Space exploration. Mars. Time travel. The future. I’m also fascinated by the life and culture of a local Native American tribe that lived in the area. On the same lake where I’m building my hermit hole.

I’m also anxious to work on my health, get in shape, and learn about nutrition, gardening, and see if I can’t cut my grocery bill by 70% or more (thus, allowing me to retire from my day job even quicker).

Yet, I can’t help but wonder. Is it too ambitious?

It’s not like I have a time limit, or there’s a cost factor. Everything in my Hackable MBA is free. Even down to the books.

All I’m spending is time, and I can’t think of a better use of it.


Am I just going to sit around and watch tv the rest of my life? Watch yet another reiteration of 24? Not to quote myself from one of my future books but, “Hey, I’m trying to build something here!”

It is certainly going to take me awhile. Several years, in fact.

But, the great thing about learning – you get to incorporate as you go. What you learn today you can immediately put to use.

Compounding at its best.

So, I’m now off to the races.

Ready. Set. GO!

Failure only happens when you Stop Trying!

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